I believe that Allah (or nature in your case) conveys us a word of wisdom everyday through one way or the other and it’s up to us that we learn from it or dump it. from my experiences and observance these are the few faces of people that I have learned about. They can be your friends or neighbors, colleagues or coworkers or anyone around you so my advice to you is to just be cautious around them so you don’t get played like a fool. And if you fall in one of those categories which I think is 10% possible then all I have to say to you is what goes around comes around! It’s the nature’s phenomenon.    


I originally thought of publishing this as one post but eventually it turned out to be quite long so I had to split it into sections. Here’s part two of “FOUR POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS PEOPLE”                 



Yes! That’s what they are! Unlike the typical queen B’s who openly sabotage their peer groups feeling unashamed of their acts the undercover Queen B’s disapprove of any uncivilized act around them but on the other hand they somehow try all their means to impose their decisions, opinions, likes and dislikes on you.


Be warned! These types are difficult to analyze. Mostly you wouldn’t know of them unless you break your heart. On surface they appear to be very kind, open minded and sweet, but they are bad listeners. They only see themselves and only value their believes. They might pound at you if even once you raise your voice in their offense. Their favorite act is to dislike, disagree and disapprove your opinions no matter what the conversation is. I know you must be thinking negative criticism is sometimes quite handy but nay never to this level especially if you are an ambitious person with a certain to do list of things, these are the people who can be potentially hazardous to you in bringing your confidence level down to zero.

Javeriya Sayeed Siddiqui



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