I believe that Allah (or nature in your case) conveys us a word of wisdom everyday through one way or the other and it’s up to us that we learn from it or dump it. And these are the few faces of people that I have learned about, some from my own experiences and some from observing people around me. They can be your friends or neighbors, colleagues or coworkers and my advice to you is to just be cautious around them so you don’t get played like a fool. And if you fall in one of those categories which I think is 10% possible then all I have to say to you is what goes around comes around! It’s the nature’s phenomenon. Smile with tongue out

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I originally thought of publishing this as one post but eventually it turned out to be quite long so I had to split it into sections.



3) The Buzz killers

With time I began to despise the company of a certain group of people who can merely be called pessimist. Yes that’s it! The pessimist as the word states are people who always view the glass half empty. Along with this quality they are also cowards. I know it sounds a bit offensive to put a label like that but if you had been in one’s company you would actually know how annoying it gets.

00023691_ Geselligkeit bei Rahel Varnhagen

A splendid innovative idea can end up in ruins if you by mistakenly discuss it with these group of people. They will provide you with all sorts of wrong reviews and tell you, their vocabulary merely consisting of “no way”, “it can’t happen”, what if something awful happens”, “do you actually think you can succeed?”, no one has been able to do it for past 15 centuries”, “I’ve heard people die……”.


These are just a few examples of their reactions. So u see the hazards that you are likely to suffer from getting acquainted to such kind of people. Not many survive such company so you better watch out!

4) Shape-shifters!

These are the most dangerous type of people and yet, believe it or not every human has a tiny shape-shifter inside him! Okay let me clear something, they are not actually people who change shapes but it’s their personality or way of interaction which changes shape according to the people they are with. You can relate them to spies or backbiters. They are known for transmitting one group’s internal secrets to another group. They can turn a friend against a friend by the act of slow poisoning. I don’t think they need any further description as its easy to recognize them. So, be on your guard!


Javeriya Sayeed Siddiqui


5 responses to “FOUR POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS PEOPLE (Part three)

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