Rij’aal Alma’a-Abha-Saudi Arabia

Abha is one of the cities situated at high altitudes in Saudi Arabia and enjoys a splendid weather accompanied with snow falls during winter season. It also has a unique history such as the village of Rijaal Almaa, a 40 minute drive down the mountains to the west of Abha (a narrow curling road), containing 5 and six storey traditional houses dating 400–600 years old built from local stone and quartz.


6 responses to “Rij’aal Alma’a-Abha-Saudi Arabia

  1. Javeriya, i’ve noticed you visiting my blog – throug which I have now discovered yours! Thank you.
    I have relished going through this post – the photographs are stunning – you sure know how to work with natural light. Keep in touch! Cheers.

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