With my favorite TV series on season break, I actually got time to do the post i had been planning on since ages: THE FREKINGGG NEED TO VOLUNTEER (yep I’ll be using a lot of caps because in my mind, I’m literally screaming).

This is my call to the HEC (higher educational board of commission, Pakistan), the freaking douche bags and losers out their who make fun life (such a precious gift) doing drugs, to those teachers who come to school for fashion shows and gossips, and the over-protective moms.


You know what, you guys should actually pass an ordinance that NONE of the 132 universities should accept a student UNLESS they bring proof of volunteering for at least 6 months in their school lives or after. now jus imagine with 1,349,000 students enrolling in universities every year in Pak if each of them spends at least 6 months doing something beneficial where can the country be?

To those douche bags,

Dude i know you are going through a tough time I get that you are under pressure from family, friends and Allah knows who all. I totally get it your mom neglected gazillion years back, your dad wasn’t ever home for you but please don’t be so melodramatic about it PLEEASSEEEE! Think about the orphans those who never had anything good around them and you will realize that everything around you is ACTUALLY gold. No seriously! that’s the beauty of it! if you freaking hate your life so much then go fight on borders at least it’ll be a golden death….a death of honor!

One day spent homeless with your mind fully awake is more than enough to teach a life’s lesson. DONT YOU SEE THE COUNTRY FALLING APART AROUND YOU!?!?! Do you even KNOW what miracles this cash you spend on cocaine is capable of?!?! It can buy happiness to kids like






I swear ONE DAYYY ONEE DAYYY SPENT with those kids and you wont even need A FREAKING THERAPIST to bring you back to life!

To the teachers who think its all fun and games:

It’s freaking YOUR DUTY to educate a 5th grader that DRUGS ARE NOT COOL! VOLUNTEERING, CARING, SHARING IS COOL!

And to all those moms out there so over-protective of their kids:

LET THAT KID PLAY WITH THE MAID’S CHILD! At least he would know about the differences in the two worlds, the importance his world plays and he might actually become a big guy rather than a miserable drug addict!

Photo courtesy :


___Javeriya Sayeed Siddiqui


10 responses to “The FREAKING NEED TO VOLUNTEER!

  1. the post has voice and warmth of your emotions and your scream… its very important topic to consider seriously… i wish that your message be conveyed to every related person and he actually ponder it… even i have seen school going kids,having cigarets in their hands,smoking.

    • thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

      these things were really bugging me inside from quite a long time and they had to come out. And while writing there was a constant image of such people dwelling in my mind hence the raw emotions. 🙂

  2. Have you ever thought that instead of cussing the people who DON’T do it, maybe you could spend that same time, energy, and emotion in MOTIVATING them to volunteer?

    Your blog post, although written well to an extent, is more biased towards a negative approach to volunteering. Volunteering, as the name suggests, is voluntary. You can’t really force it on to people who don’t want to volunteer. Force it on them and the end result will be nothing short of disappointing. I’ve lead a team of volunteers for a local organization, and in the 1 odd year that I’ve been with them, I’ve seen a lot of volunteers come and go. Most of them seemed quite promising but all it took was a week for me to know how committed they were to the project. And believe me, it breaks your heart to see people give up so quickly.

    Cussing them, however, doesn’t really solve anything. It’s when you sit down with them and educate them on how two hours of their time just once in 7 days can make a difference in someone’s life; that’s when they will realize that however small, they do owe something to the society they live in.

    • well i have been teaching students for quite long now and every day I spend couple of minutes in each trying to make them realize what importance they hold as a human to the mankind. My motive is that maybe some day some one will change though the chances are minimal but I still try.
      Plus this was just a way of letting it all out…you never know how it will effect some one.

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