Chicken Cheese Roll

Chicken Cheese Roll


* Chicken 300 gm (boneless)

* Milk 1 cup

* Mozzarella cheese 150 gm

* Cream ½ cup

* B.B.Q sauce 2 tbsp

* Lemon juice 2 – 3 tbsp

* Garlic 1, ½ tbsp (chopped)

* Black pepper 1 tsp (crushed)

* Salt to taste

* Onion for garnish 1

* For Flat-bread:

* All purpose flour 2 cup

* Oil for frying

* Salt to taste


1.For Flat-bread: First knead the flour with water and salt to form dough.
2.Make balls of the kneaded dough.
3.Roll out with rolling pin and make shape of chapatti.
4.Now toast it on griddle pan from both sides till just cooked.
5.Now spread a little oil on both sides and fry till slightly golden.
6.For Filling: Put chicken cubes, garlic, B.B.Q sauce, lemon juice, oil and salt in a mixing bowl and mix it.
7.Now fry it in a wok.
8.Place a inflamed coal in the center of the wok on a slice of onion.
9.Drizzle a little oil on coal, immediately cover tightly and let it sit for 5 minutes.
10.For Cheese Sauce: Put cheese and milk in a wok and cook it till cheese melts and mix in.
11.Now add cream with black pepper and cook it for 1 – 2 minute.
12.Sauce is ready.
13.Now place some chicken on a paratha.
14.Drizzle some cheese sauce over it.
15.Roll it and serve.


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