Personalized Hanging Brush Holder (Tutorial)

HEY there dear bloggers!for days I had been bugging myself to come up with an idea for finding proper place for hair brushes in our room and finally this is what I came up with. A chic and personalized way to arrange your brush! Open-mouthed smile And YESSS I surely didn’t forget you my darling readers hence I am sharing the tutorial with you! ENJOYYY! (Psst Pease bear with the tiny untidiness Smile with tongue out)

hanging hair brush holder DIY

OK so lets get it started! Open-mouthed smileexcited much?


4 pieces of black fabric (7”X12”) (4 PIECES because I was making two holders one for myself and another for my sis as we share the room)

2 purple fabric (7”x5”)

2 pieces of stabilizers (5”x12”) 

hanging hair brush holder DIY

ANDDD another piece of purple fabric for the borders. You can scroll down and check to get an idea.

hanging hair brush holder DIY

Alright now

Step 1: Iron the fabric onto the stabiliser. And then sew the next layer of black fabric on top of that so that the stabilizer is sandwiched between the two black fabrics.


Step 2: Now start working on the borders. Sew In the purple fabric keeping the right sides together. Then turn it over and sew another line on the bottom.

beauty Brush Hanger clothing DIY fabric paint fabric painting freezer paper girls home home decor home made personalized purple room quality fabric stenciling style tutorials vanity

In the end it should look like this.


Next make sure to fold in the corners neatly.


Finally sew one line at the edges to make them for defined and for a finished look,


Now take your purple fabric and fold in the sides.


Step 3: The fun part! Trace out your letters onto the freezer paper. We don’t get it in our part of the world so I used this tutorial to make one. Use an Xacto knife to cut out the stencils.


Iron the paper on to the fabric.


You can use any good quality fabric paint. Use a sponge to put the paint onto the fabric as it is easier and faster this way.


These are the ones I use.


Oops! Totally forgot to take pics after removing the freezer paper. But don’t worry the difficult parts are over.

Peel off the paper carefully then Iron on the painted fabric right side up to make the paint permanent. and then sew this fabric onto the black one first one line at the bottom and then two lines on either side as shown in the pic. (The purple lines are the ones am talking about if you look closely.)

Lastly finish off by sewing in a ribbon at the back. Make sure to use black threads so that it camouflages with the fabric.


AND TADA! there you go your personalised brush Hanger! SO easy!

SO my darling readers did you like this tutorial? Wasn’t it super easy and quick? Let me know If you try it out so that I can share pics on my blog! XD

PLease feel free to ask any questions regarding the tutorial in the comment box or by emailing me.



and here.


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