My Top 5 Picks From Robeson Design’s Makeover Mondays

Note: I don’t know what is wrong that all the videos are same. But, I’ve linked up the Facebook album of screenshots as an alternative.

Honestly speaking, I love ALL of Rebecca’s makeovers, so it was a bit difficult to choose the top five. So, here they are. 🙂

Tell me what you guys think!

Number one:

Facebook link:

What I loved most about this room is how Rebecca came up with such an awesome safety idea by blocking the hole in the floor. If I had been living in such a room or if I had gotten to do a makeover for such a room I would’ve never ended up doing such an awesome job. The other cool thing about this room is how there’s a partition between the sleeping (bed) area and the closet and hanging out area. Just love it!

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Number two:

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This is another one of my favorites! I just L.O.V.E the dreamy and fantasy look created by the white curtains. It gives unique-nes and personality to the room. Plus I just canopy type looks! The other thing I liked about this room is how the wardrobe is kept in a secluded area and not in your face. The choice of colors and the wall papers just tie it up all together. And, how can I forget the beautiful chandeliers!

Number three:

Facebook link:

This is a dream! When I get a separate closet room it would DEFINITELY be somewhat like this. I just love, love lovvveeeeeee everything about this room! The colors, the placement of the furniture, the decor! It gives such a fancy and Hollywood kinda look, worth dying for!

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Number four:

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Love the colors and the bed! Just check out the extra storage created using the cubicles to clear the clutter. That was very smart!

Number five:

Facebook link:

Loved it how Rebecca transformed the room in such a small budget. All she did was clear the clutter and paint the walls and ta-da! Awesomeness! The other cool thing about this video is the alternative she gave for those who have a larger budget and want to design their room as shown in the video.

One of the awesome fact about Rebecca’s makeovers is how she creates a seclusion between the sleeping area  and other areas, giving a feeling of intimacy. I’m a huge fan of her channel and her, especially her style. I just can’t stop admiring how she has kept herself so maintained despite the fact that she’s a grandma. She definitely inspires me a lot! XOXO Rebecca! Great job! ^^


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