5 Tips To Get More Followers and Page Views

Although I started blogging somewhere in the end of 2011, I was never a serious blogger until the mid of November 2012. I was struck with blogging passion and I googled and googled and learnt a lot of tips and tricks. Believe it or not, by using these tips I got my monthly page views increased from 698 in October to around 2000 in November, with just 15 days of work. Here are some of the tried and tested tips, guaranteed to get you increased page views and followers if you put effort. I’m sure you must have read all those points about writing interesting stuff, using pictures and all that, now take a look at the following wonderful tips.

Get more followers

Find a niche, and blog regularly related to it. May it be stories, tips, fashion, DIY, crafts, whatever. Make sure you do at-least 3-4 posts weekly.

get more followers

Join a couple of weekly blog parties. This brings a LOT of traffic. Here are a couple of parties I link up to. Subscribe to the blogs which are hosting the parties so that you would get notified as soon as they go live. This way you can get the most exposure.

get more followers

What I really mean is, interact with other bloggers. If you visit some one regularly, leaving lovely comments now and then, some day at some point they would definitely check back, and who knows they might just start following you! XD

get more followers

Here is a list of couple of directories, free and paid where you can get your blogs listed.

get more followers

Use the blessing, hash-tag to direct traffic to your site by promoting your posts on twitter, pinterest, G+ and wherever you feel like. Stumbleupon is also great when it comes to directing traffic to your site. Check out tips on Stumbleupon here.

I guess that is for now.  See you until next time with more tips and tricks on blogging. Until then check out and explore the blog and follow if you like! 🙂



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24 responses to “5 Tips To Get More Followers and Page Views

  1. Some wonderful tips! I think people overlook the fact that you need to make meaningful comments on other blogs to really show that you are interested, so they feel like visiting back!

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