10 things I heart-January edition

Hey lovely readers!

Did you notice the change?

Yes! I have done some design changes to the site because, I thought it was lacking ME. I think now it reflects me more deeply, with all the cuteness and fun and UNICORNS! I’m just loving it! Even though it looks a bit kiddish but DO I CARE? Duh, NO! The important thing is, it reflects who I am. So, let me know what you think! đŸ˜€

Anyhow, I was thinking about starting a new series this month onwards and the name is

* drum-roll*


So, first Thursday of every month, (month because doing it weekly will make it boring) I’m gonna share 10 things I loved the previous month.

But, as today’s post will be the first, I thought I would share 10 random things I love.

Ok, so areeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu readaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy?

No. 1 are my all time favourite. UNICORNS! I’m SO dying for a unicorn hoodie! Can’t wait to get one! XD


No. 2 are HAWT HAWT HEELS! Who doesn’t love a hot pair of heels?

heels, shoes, hot heels, hot pumps

The first time I saw this car, I was left breathless! Like Literally! It felt like my dream care just dropped down from heaven! Ever since Infinti fx45 has been my THE FAV CAR EVER!

infiniti fx 45, cars, hot cars

And, I just can’t stop loving my bed. My personal zone.

bed, ikea bed, room designs

OMCHEESECAKE! Can’t stop having enough!

cheesecake, oreo cheesecake

I have NO WORDS to describe the feeling of freedom and the adrenaline rush you experience in show jumping. It’s almost like flying, maybe better. It’s one thing I can NEVER EVER say no to.

show jumping, show jumping pics

The next is my favourite place where I get to connect with you lovely fellows. đŸ™‚

blog, blogging, believeninspire


spikes, cool stuff, studs

Ooops, this should’ve been no.9 *sigh* ball gowns. Wish they were still worn on daily basis, and not just on special occasions. :”(

ball gowns, white ball gowns

Annnnnnnnd, last but not least, CUPCAKES! XD Some of them are so damn cute!

cupcakes, love cupcakes

Well, I think you guys got to know few things I heart.

Stay tuned for more, first Thursday of every month. XD




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