Hola dear fellows! I’m SO SO HAPPYYYY TODAY! But, I’m not giving out the news now, nope not yet, but, I promise it will come soon as a HUGE SURPRISE! 😀

Moving on, today I would like to share the few channels I watch regularly on YouTube. Well, I’m not really a YouTuber and there are only a few people I found fun to watch from that humongous pool of YouTube stars. So here are my 3 favourites!

No. 1 is OBVIOUSLY Robeson Design Studios

I just LOVE Rebecca, her story, her work, it’s all SO SO inspiring!

Plus, you get to learn a LOT from her room makeover videos and every week there’s something new to look forward to, completely different and completely awesome!

No. 2 is Evelina Barry

Of all fashion/make-up/beauty gurus, she was the ONLY one I didn’t find annoying. Well, maybe because she’s my age group. Anyway, hands down, she’s so far the best to me.

No. 3 Jenna Marbles

When I’m really annoyed or upset or something, what do I do? I watch Jenna Marbles! Yep, I do. She LITERALLY cracks me up. Although some times her language is a bit ahem, ahem, but other than that she makes a really good comedian.

Sooooo, what are YOUR favorite YouTube stars? And, why do you like them? Let me know in the comments below! 😀end


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