Sponsor Believe&Inspire 50% Off!

Hey there lovely readers!

Today I’m gonna share the biggest news ever!

“We are FINALLY accepting sponsors!”

Wohoo! I’m so excited! The first featured sponsor is already here and now it’s YOUR turn! 😀 As this is the first, I have decided to offer 50% off as a starting complementary deal, you can say.

The ads are priced very carefully, by comparing different rates and all that techy stuff. The prices will increase from 1st February onwards as the no. of followers/visits and all that are increasing daily.

So for this month YOU can get

place ad here

  • a 300×200 ad for JUST $5 or

  • ad for sale

    a featured ad for JUST $10  (only 3 featured ads)

The ads are open to everyone! Etsy shop owners or bloggers, and if you don’t have a button, I can help you with that too!  XD

So, what are you thinking? Hurry up now and check out my sponsors page for details! Grab the 50% off offer while it lasts! XD

Looking forward to doing business with you! XD




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