Meaning and History Of My Name

Today’s Wednesday, which means I’ll be sharing something about me, so why not start with the details of my name.:D

Baby me

Honestly, I LOVE my name! No, I’m not being a narcissist, it’s just that the history of my name is SO amazing, and it makes me feel so unique and different, although it’s annoying that it’s so long and shortening it sounds so BLAKH.

Javeriya was the name of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) wife. (I guess that’s how it first came into being, which makes it an Arabic word. Cool.) That alone gives the name so much importance.

Other than that the meaning of Javeriya is so amazing!

My mom says it means humble, pious, kind-hearted and wealthy.

And urban dictionary says:

meaning of javeriya

Ok, now I know why I’m so imaginative. No wonder I got the title of Miss Imaginative in Grade 10! Lol. But I’m telling you I’m very disciplined, and I don’t have dimples. 😛

My title

The other results by urban dictionary made me ROFL!


Ok these are SO not true especially the last one!

So, what is the meaning of your name? Do you know what meaning urban dictionary has for your name? Let me know if it’s something as hilarious as this!

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You know you love me 😉



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