DIY Luggage Tags – Video Tutorial

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DIY Luggage Tags


13 responses to “DIY Luggage Tags – Video Tutorial

  1. Great idea! I like the idea of personalizing my travel tags. After all, who wants to go to Walmart and buy tags that are supposed to make it easy to identify your luggage – so they can look just like everyone else’s who shops at Walmart. Kinda silly, isn’t it. I want my tags to be unique. Thanks for the tutorial

  2. I love this idea … and so easy too! Thank you for sharing at last week’s week’s All My Bloggy Friends 🙂

  3. Hi Javeriya! This is such a great idea. I love these tags. Thanks so much for linking up at Thriving on Thursdays last week. I’ll be featuring this at tomorrow’s party. Thanks so much for linking up and I’ll hopefully see you again.

    Anne xx

  4. thanks for sharing this cute project. we are featuring this at bog today, don’t forget to grab your featured button and tell your followers to vote for your project. have a fab weekend!


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