Announcement Announcement

Hey lovely followers and readers!

I have a HUGE announcement!

I have moved my site form WP to Blogger! There, I said it!

And, I also got my OWN DOMAIN! WEEEEEE!

So now, it is

From now all the posts would be there and I invite you to follow me there via any or all the ways you like.

  • You can subscribe to RSS feed

  • You can follow via Networked Blogs

  • You can follow through Linky followers

  • And, you can also subscribe to our newsletter which will be delievered ONLY TWICE a month! Yes, I don’t wanna annoy you with lots and lots of emails so I have kept it to minimum

  • And ofcourse Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, but best of all is to subscribe to RSS! πŸ™‚

Once againg THANKS SO MUCH to all the people who opted to follow the blog, I’m realyyyyyy greatful to you guys! xo

See ya at


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