Why advertise with Believe&Inspire?

Even though I started blogging in August 2011, I wasn’t really serious about it until the mid of November 2012.

Since then I’ve worked day and night to increase the readership of the blog and managed to get my monthly views increase from 23 average daily visits (as of October 2011) to the stats displayed below. All this in just a 45 days of constant devotion. The views are on a rise daily.

Believe&Inspire has been featured on several blogs for different projects. You can check them out here.

And the currents stats (as of February 1st) are:

309 average daily visits with (December average 153)

169 average unique daily visitors (December average 83)

168 Email followers

1445 Twitter followers

1426 Facebook fans

548 Pinterest followers

138 G+

215 Tumblr/YouTube/Instagram/Facebook followers

56 Klout score

70% Visitors are from USA 

20% Others

Posts per week: 5-7

You can compare this with the stats from last month given below.


All the figures are subjected to change at a daily basis. Contact me for the latest stats.

For Companies:

Please contact me at believeandinspire(dot)jss(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss the details.

For Bloggers:


300X200 Sidebar ad

Ad will be displayed at the side bar below the featured ad, and will run for a month.

10 spots available.

Price: $10/month

place ad here


480×100 Featured banner.

Ad will be displayed at the bottom of each post which means maximum exposure. 

This ad is especially designed to increase your social media fans.

Ad comes with a lot of social media shout outs and weekly social media party link ups!

2 spots available

Price: $15/month

ad for sale


300×400 Featured Sidebar Button

Ad will be displayed on the sidebar.

If you buy this ad you will get the privilege of getting your blog post at 200 different blogs every week! I will link up your blog post to all the blog parties where I party at.

You will also get unlimited social media shout outs daily!

Only 1 spot available!

Price: $50/month 

featured add 400x300



Also, if you are a blogger on a tight budget or starting out new and don’t wanna spend  much  for a new banner design and social media icons, I can make them for you for just

$10 (for social media icons plus the banner)

$7(for just the banner)

$5(for buttons)

$5 (for just the icons)

I’m not a graphic designer but I’m sure you are gonna love the work!

Contact me at believeandinspire(dot)jss(at)gmail(dot)com for more info.

Looking forward to do business with you! 🙂



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